DataPrime was built by marketers for marketers.
"Our goal is to provide practical solutions that improve direct marketing results."

What we do and the way we do it is unique and unlike any other modeling system.  Because we
append all the information required for the model, our techniques do not require any lead
attributes other than name and address.
 Our process works equally well for mail and phone
programs and often complements other modeling processes.

We offer our modeling FREE of charge.  We price the scoring of marketing files on a low cost
per thousand leads output from the model for marketing.  Your first file scoring is FREE, so you
can evaluate our services without risk
FREE evaluation of our services
Because our models are FREE and your first file scoring is FREE, there is no barrier to testing
our optimization solutions.
 It is easy to see how we can help you to make more money:

      You provide DataPrime with a historical marketing file identifying sales vs. non-sales.

      We build a model that profiles your target customers (takes 2-3 days).

      You send us an additional historical marketing file, without identifying responders, that we    
       return in two segments (24-hour turnaround):

         1.   Prime or target segment
         2.   Non-Prime or non-target segment

When you match back your response results to both model segment,
the results will speak for
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